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Zarraffa′s Coffee

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday: From 05:30 AM till 06:00 PM

Contact Information:

Phone: (07) 5535 1963


Zarraffa’s Coffee

The name Zarraffa comes from the Arabic word ‘Zarafa’ which means ‘Giraffe’.
The Masai Giraffe typically inhabits the Savannah’s of Kenya and Ethiopia, which is the origin of our coffee and it’s the great Masai Giraffe that stands ‘Head and Shoulders above the Rest’ in the Savannah from which we draw our motto – to be Head and Shoulders above the Rest!

Zarraffa’s Coffee’s commitment to detail, the ‘fresh is best’ mantra and own exacting standards, combined with quality service are what makes the Zarraffa’s Coffee experience ‘Head and Shoulders above the Rest”.

With complimentary 30 minutes of wifi with any ‘tall’ or larger drink, why not drop by and take a break from your busy schedule.